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Ukraine Relief

29/03/2022 - 26 Adar

Chamah is working with volunteers on the Ukraine-Moldova border to assist refugees fleeing from Ukraine
We cannot stand idly by as we watch the suffering of our brethren escaping Ukraine. It's tearing families apart; they've left their lives behind. As of now, of the nearly 3,000,000 who have fled Ukraine, approximately 350,000 have crossed the border into Moldova, including many thousands of Jewish refugees.
Chamah is working with volunteers in the Jewish community of Kishinev, Moldova, who meet the exhausted and disoriented refugees at the border and transport them to the refugee center they have set up and provide them with food and lodging after their dangerous journey. But they cannot accommodate them long term, for they must make room for the vast influx of new refugees crossing over every day.
Chamah is sponsoring buses to transport the refugees to a safe haven in a Jewish Community that is ready to take responsibility for them, temporarily or permanently. Several buses of refugees go out each day.

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