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Telephone classes for Seniors in Russia

Chamah in Moscow set up a series of telephone-based educational lectures for seniors. They eagerly await the classes!

Chamah Food Distribution in New York

Many individuals living close to the poverty line, as well as many large families and elderly are still suffering the effects of coronavirus pandemic. Our food distribution gave out tons of pounds of food. Thousands came to pick up large food boxes which included meat, fruits, vegetables, and other essential grocery items.

Festive evening saluting May 9th, Victory Day over the Nazis, arranged by and held at Chamah Center in Kiryat Malachi.

Opening remarks were delivered by Chairman of the Veterans and Holocaust survivor followed by "Yizkor" and Kaddish prayer in memory of those killed in battle and murdered at the hands of the Nazis. Numerous officials greeted the audience and commended the occasion by remarking that in merit of the Veteran's courage and faith, the Jewish Nation lives on and thrives in our Homeland, Israel. The evening was accompanied by the "Israel Police Orchestra". Participants enjoyed a festive meal and received complimentary gifts. They joyfully danced and did not want to leave until late at night.

National Russian Shabbaton

Over 1200 participants joined the 12th National Russian (virtual) Shabbaton which took place on May 23. Eighteen hours filled with inspirational lectures, musical entertainment, interactive question and answer session and more. Sponsored by Chamah and LYO; this dynamic event was free of charge.

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