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Chamah Remembers Victory Day

Although Covid-19 continues to surge throughout Russia and pose serious risks worldwide, Chamah International honors the ninth of May, the holiday that commemorates the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. Chamah delivered thousands of food packages and nutritious meals to needy elderly in Moscow, Israel and the New York.

Children at the CCCD continue to get assistance

A team of psychologists and therapists communicate with special children from the Chamah Child Development Center through Zoom application. Discussions related to the coronavirus crisis and online art therapy classes have helped children express and manage their feelings about the pandemic

Chamah proceeds in assisting elderly and needy amidst coronavirus

As Covid-19 poses a serious health threat, social distancing is crucial in preventing the spread of the disease. Chamah continues to provide needy and elderly with nutritional support. Hundreds of freshly-cooked wholesome meals and food packages are delivered daily to the homes of the elderly and needy in Moscow and Israel. Health measures are adhered to protecting both employees and beneficiaries. Chamah wishes the best of health to all!

Chamah International Delivers Kimcha D'Pischa Food Packages

Chamah International delivered over 10,000 "Kimcha D'Pischa" food packages to needy families and elderly in Moscow, Israel and New York. As the novel coronavirus continues to pose a great threat, the distribution entailed a thoroughly planned logistic operation for home delivery. The parcels included chicken, wine, grape juice, vegetables, fruits, matzot and other essentials for the Pesach holiday. It was truly heartwarming to see dedicated volunteers transport and deliver the packages bringing joy and hope to its recipients.

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