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Emergency Response Packages

The mission of Chamah in providing humanitarian aid takes on a new meaning during the Covid19 pandemic on how to serve the vulnerable population who rely on our help. Chamah met that need by distributing thousands of care packages to help brighten the New Year. With the help of the IFCJ; Chamah distributed emergency response packages to frail and ill seniors in Russia. In addition, Chamah distributed food packages to needy families in Israel.

Chamah helps to ease the hardships caused by Covid19

Chamah intensifies its humanitarian efforts in Israel by delivering food packages to needy families. As many cities are under lockdown due to high rate of infection, Chamah also distributed toys helping to make the children happy.

Together with the IFCJ, Chamah gives hope and dignity to needy elderly in Russia

With the generous support of the IFCJ, Chamah continues to provide humanitarian assistance to needy elderly in Russia. With the novel coronavirus pandemic ongoing, and ensuring the safety and health of the seniors, Chamah mobilized its programs to at-home care and services home delivering nutritious meals, household products, medicines, personal hygiene items, protective equipment and more.

Coronavirus Relief Efforts

In addition to the horrific loss of life, the Coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating financial impact on millions of impoverished, elderly, and large families who are already struggling daily to feed themselves and their families. As the days and weeks pass, those who were out of work were falling deeper and deeper into despair.

Chamah has responded to the heart wrenching pleas for help, including from many people who never dreamt of needing help before.

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