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Communication Course

Specially trained teachers and speech therapists deliver a course at the CCCD on acquiring speech. Various techniques such as PEKS cards, table games and more help the children develop communication skills.

Children at CCCD earn award for drawings

The XI International Competition of Children's Fine Art "Sea and Children" accepted over three thousand works from all over the world for consideration! Finalists are involved at the art program at the CCCD. Congratulations to four of our finalists and to our art studio teacher!

Humanitarian Assistance dedicated to the loving memory of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein obm

As every year, for the upcoming Pesach holiday, Chamah in Russia distributed food packages, wine and Matzah to its beneficiaries; needy elderly who enjoy the programs of Chamah. Many received the package by home delivery.
This year's distribution is dedicated in loving memory of Founder and dynamic late President of the IFCJ, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, obm.

Purim Shpiel!

Seniors at the Chamah Day Center for the Elderly in Moscow put on the traditional "Purim Shpiel" to the delight of their friends!

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