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Holiday and Weekend Retreat Program

17/01/2017 - 19 Tevet 5777
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Jewish Holidays and Shabbat have been the core of Jewish family life since the beginning of the Jewish Nation. Over the weekend guests absorb the Shabbat ambience promoting Jewish awareness in thought and translates into action.  Lectures and workshops on a wide variety of Jewish topics are presented.  Upon arrival to the Chamah Campus, guests enjoy light refreshments at the lounge and are shown to their comfortable rooms. A program sheet is provided.

Shabbat is welcomed with the kindling of the traditional Shabbat candles which is followed by Kabbalat Shabbat and prayer services held at the beautiful Chamah Synagogue on premises.  This is followed by a festive dinner, replete with much heartfelt singing of stirring Shabbat songs and lectures, providing thought and insights into the beauty of Jewish life and heritage

Shabbat day begins with a light breakfast, after which a brief lecture on Jewish topics is offered.  After a short rest, a panel discussion is presented. Throughout the Shabbat, lectures on the weekly Torah portion, Question and Answer sessions and informal discussions are part of the program. The Third Meal is then served followed by evening prayers and the traditional Havadala.

Jewish holidays are also celebrated ; each with its own theme and specific festivity.

The inspiration gained by the guests at the Holiday and Weekend Retreat leads to heightened Jewish awareness and strengthening of Jewish identity, and leaves a lifelong impact on the participants. 


This program is supported by a generous grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

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