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Welcome Program for Teens at Risk

14/03/2018 - 27 Adar 5778

Bread winners of the Olim families usually work double shifts at factory jobs and sadly don't have a clue what their teenagers are up to. Regretfully in most cases, at best the teens will be staying at home watching television / internet or worse, roaming the city streets and becoming involved in crime, drugs etc.

The Chamah campus located in heart of Kiryat Malachi houses the Welcome Program for Teens at Risk. The program has helped hundreds of youth and their families. Activities operate throughout the calendar year and include counseling for both youth and their families, educational workshops, excursions which include hiking and biking, barbeques, horseback riding therapy, joint-effort suppers, etc. The group meets on a regular basis and on Shabbat they enjoy their own services and Kiddush lunch.  In addition, this project enjoys cooperation with the local police on two levels; police lecture to the teens on dangers of drug usage, and the teenagers volunteer with the local police patrolling the city and with traffic duty. Upon being drafted to the IDF, the counselors continue to be a pillar of support to these uncertain youngsters.

These efforts empower the teens and instill in them the importance of making responsible decisions impacting their lives and Israeli society at whole.


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