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Special Programs for Special Children

10/04/2014 - 10 Nissan 5774

The Chamah Center for Child Development in Moscow continues initiatives in helping challenged children. Various sensory activities conducted through the use of new modern equipment greatly enhance fine and gross motor skills. Professional educators teach small groups promoting cognitive abilities. These programs are made possible through the generous support from the IFCJ.

Weekend to Remember V- Russian Shabbaton

20/02/2014 - 20 Adar

Inspirational Weekend draws huge crowd

Weekend to Remember V

16/01/2014 - 15 Shvat 5774

Chamah Celebrates 26th Annual Gala Dinner

19/12/2013 - 16 Tevet 5774

Chamah celebrates its 26th annual Gala honoring those who have made it possible to continue our vital humanitarian work

60 Year to Chamah!

27/09/2012 - 11 Tishrei 5773

Special Event Marks 20 Years to Chamah Moscow

20/10/2013 - 16 Cheshvan 5774

Dedicated members of the Chamah Moscow staff greatly enjoyed the gala celebration arranged for them marking 20 years to Chamah Russia. Friends, founders, employees and volunteers were honored to be part of this special event held at the auditorium of the newly built complex. Addressing the audience, Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman, of Chamah New York, greatly extolled and expressed deep appreciation to the Chief Executive Officers of Chamah; Rabbi Moshiach Chudaitov and Rabbi Binyomin Malachovsky for their immense efforts in founding the humanitarian and educational institutions and programs of Chamah in Moscow. He conveyed deep gratitude to the Chamah Moscow Staff, headed by Dr. Greta Elinson and Mr. Tzalel Shtein for their utmost devotion and commitment in delivering the vision of Chamah.

26th Annual Gala Dinner & Concert

20/10/2013 - 16 Cheshvan 5774

Festive Event held in honor of upcoming New Year

02/09/2013 - 27 Elul 5773

A festive event in honor of Rosh HaShana was held at the Chamah Campus in Kiryat Malachi for members of the WWII Veterans and Senior's Club. Chamah warmly welcomed the local Mayor and representatives of the Ministry of Absorption. Participants enjoyed their greetings for the New Year as well as the dinner and musical entertainment.

Happy Campers

08/09/2013 - 4 Tishrei 5774

Chamah ends summer camp with happy campers and happy parents knowing that their children are enjoying a fun packed summer infused with Jewish traditions and values.

Elderly in Moscow visit Mosfilm

15/07/2013 - 8 Av 5773

In the framework of cultural activities for elderly at the Chamah Day Center, Moscow, the seniors were invited to the famous film production studio, Mosfilm. They enjoyed the visit and excitedly acted as background cast.

Music Salon Invites Maestro M. Pavlova

15/07/2013 - 8 Av 5773

The Music Salon for the Elderly in Moscow hosted Maestro Marina Pavlova for a series of meetings in which the seniors took an active role in singing and dancing. They also learned about music; the history of music, composition styles, harmony, etc. The sessions brought them much joy significantly enhancing their lives.

Rabbi Yechiel and Mrs. Joelle Eckstein Visit Chamah Moscow

09/07/2013 - 2 Av 5773

Chamah was honored to host Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, President of the IFCJ, and his dear wife, Joelle. Rabbi and Mrs. Eckstein toured the institutions of Chamah in Moscow speaking with both the program directors and beneficiaries.

Chamah Hosts Renaissance Mission - GMJF

24/06/2013 - 16 Tammuz 5773

An enormous thanks to the wonderful members of the Renaissance Mission for taking the time to bring great joy to the students at the Mofet School in Ir Ganim (Kiryat Menachem) Jerusalem in which Chamah is active.

Chamah Hosts Yigal Levine

24/06/2013 - 16 Tammuz 5773

Chamah proudly hosted Mr. Yigal Levine from the KCF at the Mofet School in Ir Ganim, Jerusalem. The children were excited and honored to have him come specially to greet them.

Art Exhibition

17/06/2013 - 9 Tammuz 5773

The seniors at the Day Care Center for the Elderly in Moscow proudly presented their beautiful art works at an exhibition. Significant to note is the ages of these seniors youngest being 75 up to the age of 95!

Piano Concert for the Elderly

16/06/2013 - 8 Tammuz 5773

Within the framework of the cultural programs for the elderly, Chamah invited the infamous pianist Alphia for a concert. Naturally, the seniors were delighted.

WWII Veterans Celebrate the 9th of May

13/06/2013 - 5 Tammuz 5773

World War II Veterans commemorate the 9th of May, marking the victory over the Nazis. At the Chamah Veteran Clubs the seniors enjoyed an evening of reminiscing, remembering and saluting members and fallen comrades from their days in the Red Army.

Pesach Packages

04/04/2013 - 24 Nissan 5773

In a joint effort with the IFCJ, Chamah distributed Pesach packages to thousands of its beneficiaries. The elderly, children and their families were grateful to receive this kind assistance.

WWII Veteran Irina Makarova Celebrates 90!

05/03/2013 - 23 Adar 5773

Irina Makarova, former dentist and WWII Veteran celebrated her 90th birthday. Irina is a welcomed member of the Chamah Day Care Center for the Elderly and in particular enjoys the cultural events. Family, friends and the Chamah staff wish her a hearty Mazal Tov and may she share many more birthdays with us in good health!

Chamah Moscow celebrates Purim

05/03/2013 - 23 Adar 5773

Elderly beneficiaries of Chamah enjoyed the Purim celebration arranged for them.

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