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Chamah Summer Day Camp NY

11/09/2011 - 12 Elul 5771

This summer marked another successful year of the Chamah day camp in New York which serves the Jews of the Greater Brighton Beach area and beyond. The campers enjoyed a 7-week camp filled with an array of exciting activities, fun trips, delicious hot lunches infused with educational and traditional values headed by a dedicated staff . One staff members remarked, "When I saw the tears at the last day of our day camp, I knew we deeply inspired these children and it will last a life time."

Chamah Center for Child Development, Moscow

08/09/2011 - 9 Elul 5771

Moscow Department of Education has granted Chamah permission to conduct a special department for physically and/or mentally challenged children at our Chamah Center for Child Development. They are provided with special medical care and necessary therapy for their continued development. The Center accommodates children primarily from underprivileged backgrounds many of whom use the dormitory facilities.

President of Israel Opens School Year with Mofet School

05/09/2011 - 6 Elul 5771

Pictures credits: Mark Nayman; Yosef Avi Yair Angel President of Israel, Shimon Peres and Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat opened the new scholastic year with Mofet School in which Chamah is active.

Chamah Family Member Wedding Celebration

30/08/2011 - 30 Av 5771

We are happy to announce the wedding of one of the Chamah family members who has been with us from the seminars held at the Chamah campus in Kiryat Malachi.

Chamah Summer Programs Commence

28/08/2011 - 28 Av 5771

Hundreds of immigrant children from needy families benefiting from Chamah's summer programs spent a meaningful and fun filled summer vacation enjoying adventure trips, swimming, gatherings, shows, arts and crafts, learning experiences and much more. In addition, Chamah Kiryat Malachi hosted Petersburg Summer Camp giving children from Russia the opportunity to experience Israel. Happy campers are already looking forward to next years exciting summer programs!

Chamah and Lapid Complete Summer Camp

24/08/2011 - 24 Av 5771

Chamah together with Lapid non profit organization, successfully completed a 3 week summer camp for children of Olim needy families residing in northern Israel. Over 100 campers enjoyed a fun filled summer of outings, performances, contests infused with Jewish heritage and traditions.

Chamah Moscow Receives Government Authorization

24/08/2011 - 24 Av 5771

Due to the transparency and excellent administrative qualities of the Chamah Moscow Humanitarian Organization, it was chosen amongst a handful of non profit bodies to receive government authorization. Strict Russian regulations and criteria left over 20,000 NGO's requesting recognition without certification.

Chamah Hosts Lena Muterpelay

08/08/2011 - 8 Av 5771

Chamah Moscow was honored to host Ms. Lena Muterpelay, representative of the Blavotnik Fund and close friend of Chamah. She was most impressed with the humanitarian activities of Chamah which the foundation patronizes.

New Mikvah Being Built at Otradnoye

01/08/2011 - 1 Av 5771

With the influx of many young couples coming to the Otradnoye region in Moscow, a great demand has been created to establish a Mikveh. To fill this need, Chamah began the building of a new Mikveh adjacent to the Otradnoye Synagogue.

Campers enjoy stage performance at Chamah

01/08/2011 - 1 Av 5771

In the framework of the Chamah summer programs, campers enjoy a stage performance at Chamah Kiryat Malachi.

Mazal Tov Tzalel Shtein!

31/07/2011 - 29 Tammuz 5771

Warm and hearty congratulations to Mr. Tzalel Shtein on the occasion of his jubilee birthday! A surprise celebration was held in his honor attended by representatives of Joint, RJC and other various organizations affiliated with Chamah. On behalf of the beneficiaries of Chamah, and the entire Chamah team, we wish him long life in the best of health and happiness and many more years of continued productive work .

Chamah Moscow Welcomes UJA Delegation

31/07/2011 - 29 Tammuz 5771

Chamah Moscow hosted a VIP delegation of the UJA headed by Mr. John Ruskay and Mr. Osher Ostrin. They were duly impressed and amazed by the wonderful work of Chamah providing humanitarian assistance to over 20,000 elderly and needy people throughout Moscow and Moscow area and of the new Medical and Rehabilitation Center of Chamah.

Chamah and LeChaim Print Pentatuach

14/07/2011 - 12 Tammuz 5771

Chamah released a new publication in collaboration with LeChaim Organization, Hebrew – Russian Pentatuach in one volume. Russian readers are delighted to have the verses of the Five Books of Moses translated to their "mother tongue".

Chamah Jewish Community Center in Otradnoye Attacked!

13/07/2011 - 11 Tammuz 5771

An arson attempt has been made on the Jewish Community Center, "Darkei Shalom" in Moscow, Interfax news agency reported. Four unidentified young men wearing masks threw incendiary bottles into the building on Signalny Proyezd at 12:40 a.m. on Tuesday and fled, a law enforcement source said. The JCC, cosponsored by Chamah, serves the many Jews living in South Moscow. The Center's Rabbi Dovid Karpov was not there at the time.

Chamah and LeChaim Publish Tehillim

11/07/2011 - 9 Tammuz 5771

Chamah released a new publication in collaboration with LeChaim Organization, Hebrew – Russian Book of Psalms. Russian readers are delighted to be able to understand the holy Songs on David.

The First Jewish Medical and Rehabilitation Center in Moscow

19/06/2011 - 17 Sivan 5771

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the fall of 1991, various and diverse socio-economic classes were created – the very rich and the very poor. It has come to the point that professionals in their 60s and onward – after working their entire lives for the Soviet Government – cannot afford a nutritious meal or professional medical care. Since then, Chamah has established soups kitchens, Meals on Wheels programs, humanitarian activities, and medical services in Moscow and 36 surrounding suburbs. Chamah had a dream to establish the first Jewish Medical and Rehabilitation Center in Moscow to serve those in need free of charge. We are proud to announce that, thank G-d, the construction of the facility has recently been completed; it is projected to serve about 6,000 elderly and disadvantaged children, combined. We are now facing the challenge of furnishing and equipping the center.

New Mobile Jewish Center

19/06/2011 - 17 Sivan 5771

The Mobile Jewish Center was established over 20 years ago in order to serve thousands of Russian Jews in all Jewish aspects. Recently our organization purchased a new vehicle for the Mobile Jewish Center enabling us to provide more services. This institution is not limited to one area, and does not wait for people to approach it, but goes out to residential areas where Jews reside. Any passersby can stop by and purchase a Judaica book in Russian and can receive answers to any questions regarding Jewish life.

Hope and Help for Alzheimer Victims

15/06/2011 - 13 Sivan 5771

Chamah Moscow embarked on a new project assisting Alzheimer victims. As this disease becomes more intense as time goes on, families of the Alzheimer patients require a large amount of self resources that are not always available, especially in Russia. Approximately 70% of Chamah's beneficiaries suffer from Alzheimer in various degrees. In collaboration with Joint and IFCJ, Chamah initiated a multifaceted program including consultations from medical professionals, medications, various therapies and support groups providing relief to the patients and their families.

Chamah Moscow -Attending to the Bedridden

15/06/2011 - 13 Sivan 5771

The humanitarian assistance of Chamah in Moscow helps thousands of elderly people through an array of life saving programs. In this framework over 500 bedridden seniors benefit from individual home attendants who assist them with personal hygiene and general home care. The beneficiaries receive pampers, medications, special beds, linens, hot and nutritious meals and many other necessities giving hope, dignity and warmth to these old and lonely people. This aid is with thanks to the IFCJ headed by its dedicated President, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.

Chamah and Shamir Print Five Volume Chumash

13/06/2011 - 11 Sivan 5771

In continuing the cooperation between Chamah and Shamir Publications, Chamah released a 5- volume set of the Chumash. This is a sought after publication for the Russian speaking population. Over 2,000 pages of the Five Books of Moses with Russian translation accompanied by selected classic explanations.

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