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Chamah Annual Dinner Reception

13/10/2009 - 25 Tishrei 5770

We cordially invite you to join Chamah as we celebrate our 22nd annual Dinner Reception, to be held Thursday, October 15, 2009 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York, NY.

Chamah and Lapid Organize Weekend Retreat in the Mystical City of Safed

28/10/2009 - 10 Cheshvan 5770

In a joint venture between the Chamah Organization and Lapid Organization a Weekend Retreat was arranged in the mystical city of Safed. This past August was the first in the series this program will offer.

Chamah Day Care Center Summer Party

23/08/2009 - 3 Elul 5769

The Chamah Day Care Center for Small Children in Kiryat Malachi celebrated a pleasurable summer happening for the tots and their moms. The activities were carefully chosen to suit the children and included water activities, trampoline, story corner, fruit art, structured rhythm and much more. The event was enjoyed by staff and attendees alike!

Chamah Annual Parlor Meeting

13/10/2009 - 25 Tishrei 5770

On wednesday, August 5, 2009 we had our Annual Parlor Meeting held in Fairlawn, New Jersey at the lovely home of Mr. and Mrs. Michael & Renee Zimbalist. Members of Congregation Shomrei Torah led by Rabbi Benjamin Yudin came to hear and see the work Chamah is doing in Israel, Russia, and the United States.

Chamah Arranges Wedding Celebration

12/07/2009 - 20 Tammuz 5769

The elderly couple wanted to reaffirm their vows – the Jewish way. Chamah arranged a wedding celebration in which the happy bride and groom stood under the traditional wedding canopy and enjoyed a festive meal with family and friends.

Chamah Mobile Feeding Center Delights Children with Pizza

31/05/2009 - 8 Sivan 5769

Prior to the Shavuot Holiday, traditionally celebrated with eating dairy foods, Chamah delighted children from weak socio-economical homes to delicious pizza and chocolate milk.

Chamah Camp Registration Opens!

31/05/2009 - 8 Sivan 5769

Chamah Summer Day Camp in Brighton Beach is now beginning its 11th successful and exciting year for Girls and Boys Ages 6-12. Camp Season will be from June 29 through August 20, 2009. Curriculum includes athletics, exciting trips, swimming, arts and crafts, Jewish heritage and tradition, and much more. Hours are from 9am to 4pm. Extended hours available for working parents. Financial assistance available for those who qualify. For more information, please call 212-943-9690, 9am-5pm, Mon-Thu.

Chamah Commemorates 9th of May - Victory over the Nazi Regime

14/05/2009 - 20 Iyar 5769

Uniting with WWII Veterans throughout the world, Chamah Israel and Chamah Moscow commemorate the 9th of May as the victory over the cruel Nazi regime. The participants enjoyed a festive meal along with a special program honoring those who sacrificed their lives for humanity. Many veterans emotionally shared their experiences imparting them to the next generation.

Chamah Moscow Hosts Conference

11/05/2009 - 17 Iyar 5769

Chamah Moscow hosted the Regional Conference of Humanitarian Organizations. United in providing assistance for the elderly and education for the young, prominent members of the JDC, RJC and government members were amongst the guests.

Chamah Moscow - Joint Venture of Kindness

11/05/2009 - 17 Iyar 5769

A joint and productive venture between Chamah Moscow and the Moscow Municipality created humanitarian assistance for needy families in the region. Over 500 families gratefully received food packages from Chamah volunteers.

New Program -Mobile Feeding Center

07/05/2009 - 13 Iyar 5769

The Mobile Feeding Center, a new program initiated by Chamah Israel and sponsored by Ms. Regina Kislin, concentrates on distributing nourishing breakfasts to needy children at school.

Chamah Israel and Leket in Joint Endeavor for Needy Families

30/04/2009 - 6 Iyar 5769

Needy families in Kiryat Malachi are grateful to receive food coupons through a joint endeavor by the Chamah Organization and “Leket- Israel Food Bank” secured through a generous contribution from The Los Angeles Jewish Community Foundation.

Weekend Retreat at Chamah Kiryat Malach

27/04/2009 - 3 Iyar 5769

Olim from northern Israel immensely enjoyed the weekend retreat held at the Chamah campus in Kiryat Malachi under the theme " Medicine and Kabbalah"

Bar Mitvah at Chamah for Oleh

27/04/2009 - 3 Iyar 5769

Chamah celebrated an uplifting Bar Mitzvah Celebration for a Russian Oleh. The celebration included the customary donning of Tefillin, reading from the Torah and of course delicious meal!

Chamah Passover Seders

03/04/2009 - 9 Nissan 5769

As every year, Chamah will be hosting Passover Seder nights in Israel, Russia and the USA. The participants happily look forward to join Chamah Seders as they have a reputation for being warm and insightful.

Purim at Chamah Kiryat Malachi

12/03/2009 - 16 Adar 5769

Purim at Chamah Kiryat Malachi was a smashing success! Olim and veteran immigrants with their families from the southern region of Israel enjoyed the festivity which included lively music, delicious foods, best costume contest and of course plenty of drinks to liven up the atmosphere. From afternoon till late night the attendees thoroughly delighted in the party!

Chamah Visa Credit Card

29/12/2008 - 2 Tevet 5769

Chamah recently came out with its new Chamah Visa Credit Card. This is a new way for supporters to help Chamah without actually going into their pocket. For More

Chamah Celebrates Channukah at Brighton Beach

29/12/2008 - 2 Tevet 5769

Rabbi Ephraim and Chanie Zaltzman organized a Channukah festivity for the Russian population in Brighton Beach. Families stretching over three generations were all together for a night of holiness, friendship and fun!

Chamah Synagogue Celebrates 18 Years!

29/12/2008 - 2 Tevet 5769

Over the Channukah weekend the Chamah Synagogue celebrated 18 years to its founding. Elderly and young participated in this lively event which included lighting of the Menorah and fresh doughnuts. For more pictures

Gan Chamah Moscow Celebrates Channukah!

25/12/2008 - 28 Kislev 5769

Gan Chamah in Moscow celebrated Chanukah with a festive party. The children enjoyed the traditional lighting of the Menorah, Chanukah play and of course delighted in eating fresh doughnuts. For more pictures

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