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Spring Blossoms at Chamah!

17/05/2007 - 29 Iyar

As spring blooms the Chamah Humanitarian Center flourishes with expanded activities. The elderly enjoy complinentary coffee and ice cream, are treated to various lectures and lessons and of course expand their horizons with inspiring lectures FOR MORE PICTURES .

Victory Day

17/05/2007 - 29 Iyar

Chamah in Moscow commemorated the victory over the Nazis. WWII Veterans enjoyed a festive meal and visited monuments relating to the theme.

WWII Veterans at Chamah Celeberate the 9th of May

09/05/2007 - 21 Iyar

Throughout Israel, World War II Veterans commemorate the 9th of May, marking the victory over the Nazis. At the Chamah Veteran Clubs the seniors enjoyed a banquet attended by government officials, Members of Knesset and Mayor of Kiryat Malachi. FOR MORE PICTURES

Weekend at Chamah Center

11/04/2007 - 23 Nissan

About 100 young adults learning in the "Mechina Program" spent this Shabbat at the Chamah Center in Kiryat Malachi. The Mechina Program is an independent project assisting immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia who wish to learn higher education but are hindered academically, economically and culturally .

Passover Holiday

11/04/2007 - 23 Nissan

Over 3,000 people participated at the traditional Seder Pesach arranged by Chamah at its Centers in Israel and Russia. Approximately 20,000 families received humanitarian aid for the holiday FOR MORE PICTURES

Passover Packages

08/03/2007 - 18 Adar

As every year, Chamah distributes tens of thousands of food packages for the Passover holiday for the needy in Israel and Russia. The packages contain Matzot, wine and basic essentials for the holiday.

Passover Hagada

08/03/2007 - 18 Adar

Chamah is proud to present its Hagada for Passover in the Russian language. In addition to the traditional text of the Hagada, it also contains specific guidelines for arranging a Seder Pesach with illustrations and a songbook.

Chamah Does Not Forget

07/03/2007 - 17 Adar

As throughout the year, Chamah did not forget those who lost their loved ones due to terrorist attacks. On Purim, the volunteers of Chamah visited these families and gave out the traditional Purim gifts bringing hope and joy to them.

The Pentateuch in Russian

27/02/2007 - 9 Adar

The Chamah Organization is happy to announce the publication of the fourth edition of 'Sichos and Thoughts for the Weekly Parsha' in Russian The book, has sold over 10,000 copies

Queen Esther at Gan Chamah

07/03/2007 - 17 Adar

The children at the Gan Chamah in Moscow prepared a surprise Purim Shpiel acting out the Megillah to the delight of their parents and staff.

Jews and Judaism

08/03/2007 - 18 Adar

Chamah is proud to announce the publication of the fifth edition of its book Jews and Judaism. A specific chapter is dedicated to the explanation of 200 terminologies and definitions of Jewish education. This book is a useful guideline for those seeking to enrich their knowledge of Judaism.

Happy Birthday Veterans

28/02/2007 - 10 Adar

Every month Chamah in Israel arranges a festive birthday party for WWII Veterans who sacrificed their lives fighting the Nazis This is just a small token of appreciation for their brave efforts on behalf of the Jewish Nation

Jewish Encyclopedia in Russian

27/02/2007 - 9 Adar

Chamah is proud to announce the publication of a new book, 'A Guide to Judaism' containing 1200 terms and concepts fit for both beginners and veterans in Russian The new book, which serves as an encyclopedia for Jewish terms, is geared for individuals interested in Jewish concepts and is especially suitable as a handbook for students and teachers in schools and Jewish seminars for Russians

Chupah - Weddings for Olim

27/02/2007 - 9 Adar

"These are the happiest moments of my life", said a 91 year old at a public Chuppa ceremony for 10 new immigrant couples from the CIS, arranged by the Chamah Organization in Jerusalem. The couples who underwent a Chuppa for the first time in their lives had previously undergone only a civil marriage due to communist oppression and thanks to Chamah they were now married according to the Jewish law

Helping the Needy

26/02/2007 - 8 Adar

In the framework of assisting the needy and elderly throughout Southern Israel, Chamah distributes food in Ofakim, a southern town rampant with poverty nearby Azza border

Purim for Olim

07/03/2007 - 17 Adar

Hundreds of Olim sat down to a festive meal at the Chamah Center in Kiryat Malachi. The elderly particularly enjoyed themselves dressing up for the Purim party!

Happy Purim in Moscow!

07/03/2007 - 17 Adar

Hundreds of people enjoyed a festive Purim Party at the Chamah Otradnoye Community Center.

Elderly Help the Young

01/03/2007 - 11 Adar

A helpful Purim twist! The women at the Chamah Day Center for the Elderly in Moscow have taken a fresh intiative and have sewn Purim costumes for the children at the Gan Chamah Home and Educational Center for Underprivileged Children . The children are delighted with their new costumes!

Pre-Purim Party

26/02/2007 - 8 Adar

For the upcoming Purim Festival, Chamah arranged at it's Center in Kiryat Malachi a festive party for new immigrants in which the famous Cantor, Berel Zaltsman performed. Rabbi Zaltsman sang an array of Jewish songs and played several roles at his amusing performance

Evening Saluting the Jewish Family

27/02/2007 - 9 Adar

A gala evening was held saluting the Jewish Family Unit at the Chamah Center in Kiryat Malachi

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