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Elderly at Chamah Center Exhibit their Artworks

31/05/2011 - 27 Iyar 5771

The Elderly at the Chamah Center proudly displayed their crafts and artworks at an exhibition. The Chamah Day Care Center for the Elderly lends meaning, hope and dignity to its members who eagerly attend.

Chamah Day Camp - Registration Opens

31/05/2011 - 27 Iyar 5771

Children Enjoy Pesach Seder with Chamah

28/04/2011 - 24 Nissan 5771

The children at Gan Chamah enjoyed the traditional Pesach Seder. Eating the Matzot, drinking four cups of grape juice, asking the "Four Questions" and other customs kept the children enthralled for Seder nights.

Pesach Seder with Chamah Moscow

28/04/2011 - 24 Nissan 5771

The elderly at the Chamah establishments enjoyed the traditional Pesach Seder. They found the order and customs of the Seder night to be inspirational and insightful.

Chamah Publishes Edition of Hagadda

07/04/2011 - 3 Nissan 5771

For the upcoming Pesach holiday, the publication department of Chamah printed another edition of the Hagadda called "The Secret of the Hagadda". It is comprised of various explanations including Kabbala and stories on Passover.

Students from Stanford University Volunteer at Chamah Humanitarian Center

03/04/2011 - 28 Adar

A delegation of students from the prestigious Stanford University visited and volunteered at the Chamah Humanitarian Center. The students helped out caring for and entertaining the elderly bringing happy smiles to the older generation.

Rabbi Moshe Nisselevitch, of blessed memory - Founder and President of the Chamah Organization

29/03/2011 - 23 Adar

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing away of Rabbi Moshe Nisselevitch, Founder and President of the Chamah Organization. In the early 1950's R' Moshe founded the Chamah Organization with the purpose of preserving Judaism and providing economic assistance for Jews in Russia, posing a great threat to his very life. R' Moshe suffered a heart attack this past December and upon examining him, the doctors discovered that he had cancer later claiming his life. He is buried on Mount Olives, Jerusalem. We are consoled by continuing his legacy helping our needy fellow Jews. Please read on.

Famous Stage Producer Visits Chamah Center for the Elderly

27/03/2011 - 21 Adar

Famous Stage Producer and Script Writer, Benjamin Sameachov, visited the Chamah Day Center for the Elderly. The event was more than enjoyable, it was a poignant reunion as many of the elderly remember his parents.

Purim with Chamah and Lapid

23/03/2011 - 17 Adar

Chamah and Lapid collaborate bringing the joy of Purim to Olim in northern Israel. Several parties were celebrated with Olim and their families on Purim night and during the day. Dressed up in costumes for the day, grandparents, parents, children and friends happily heard the "Book of Ester", enjoyed the scrumptious meal and lively music. "Hamentashen" and other foods were distributed. The Olim are looking forward to next year's Purim celebration!

A Weekend to Remember

06/03/2011 - 30 Adar

To say the Shabbaton at the Stamford Plaza in Connecticut, was a success would be an understatement. Organizers from Chamah, Lubavitch Youth Organization and Bris Avrohom all admit that it surpassed all their expectations. They were a very diverse group of families, workers, scientists, students and singles. The crowd totaled some 700 people who came from Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Boston and its surrounding cities, Philadelphia, Chicago, and even from California, Toronto and Ottawa. 37 cities from about 9 states to be exact.

Modern Technology brought to Seniors at Chamah

23/02/2011 - 19 Adar

An exciting new computer class for the elderly opened at the Chamah Center in Moscow. Modern technology has been brought to the seniors who enthusiastically learned new skills and are now able to keep in touch with their loved ones throughout the globe.

Gala Birthday Celebration for Greta Elinson

21/02/2011 - 17 Adar

The jubilant celebration was in honor of Chief Executive Officer of Chamah Moscow, Dr. Greta Elinson's, birthday. Amongst the VIP's who came to honor Greta were the President of Joint, President of the Russian Jewish Congress, government officials and many other prominent figures. We wish her many more healthy and happy years with the best of success in her noble work.

Chamah Publishes New Jewish Encyclopedia in the Russian Language

07/02/2011 - 3 Adar

Chamah and Yachad Publications have recently printed the prestigious Granovsky Edition of the "Encyclopedia of Jewish Concepts and Expressions" in the Russian Language. It is with heartfelt thanks to Mr. Granovsky who has generously supported the publication of this book. The publishers also express their sincerest appreciation to the Chief Rabbi of Odessa, Rabbi Avraham Wolfe, who has kindly made the distribution of this work possible.

Upcoming! Inspirational Weekend With Chamah

12/01/2011 - 7 Shvat 5771

Chamah, Bris Avrohom and Lubavitch Youth Organization Proudly present a Shabbaton A Weekend to Remember II for the Russian Jewish Community

Lapid and Chamah Continue to Work Together

11/01/2011 - 6 Shvat 5771

Lapid and Chamah Organizations continue to join efforts on behalf of the Russian speaking population in Israel. Lapid held another inspirational evening complete with entertainment and festive meal for Olim in northern Israel.

Chamah and GMJF - Rena Genn visits School Children

11/01/2011 - 6 Shvat 5771

Young school children benefitting from the Nutritional Support Programs of Chamah were delighted to have Mrs. Rena Genn from the Greater Miami Jewish Federation visit them. The GMJF is one of the project's devoted supporters. With their kind assistance, hundreds of needy school children receive nutritious breakfasts.

President of Chamah Visits Children of Program Mofet

26/12/2010 - 19 Tevet 5771

The President of Chamah, Mr. Hillel Zaltzman, visited the children of Project Mofet. Throughout the year Chamah operates nourishment programs providing nutritious meals to needy school children. The children are grateful to receive this assistance. Needy families also receive food packages.

Chanukah with Chamah and Lapid

14/12/2010 - 7 Tevet 5771

The Olim of Northern Israel enjoyed a Chanukah party through a joint effort bewteen the Lapid and Chamah Organizations. Although cold outside, inside the warmth was felt as the participants enjoyed an inspirational lecture, entertainment and refreshments which included fresh doughnuts.

Chanukah Party at Chamah Kiryat Malachi

09/12/2010 - 2 Tevet 5771

Three-generation families from the FSU delighted in the Chanukah party at Chamah Kiryat Malachi. The participants enjoyed kindling of the Menorah, entertainment and a festive meal which of course included fresh doughnuts.

"Golden Yoga" at Chamah Center, Moscow

02/12/2010 - 25 Kislev 5771

Chamah instituted a new and exciting program at its Humanitarian Center "Golden Yoga" for the elderly. The participants very much enjoy the activity.

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